Wall Words!

So I decided, since I was doing other graphics anyway... why not offer WALL WORDS! I have access to all the proper materials and machines, it was a logical move to finally list them on my Etsy site (http://www.mytwobabes.etsy.com/) ~~ Coming soon to my website as well. I'll keep you updated on that. Thanks Kate, for the great inspiration!

For those of you wondering about ETSY... it is free to login both to buy, and free to have a shop - there is a small listing fee per item, and a % of each sale goes to Etsy. Overall it has been a great experience, and I love the community, and great exposure it has brought to my business.

Here are some more samples of the wall words I currently offer - If you would like custom work - shoot me a message! * k.

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Randi House said...

I would like to order the Laundry Today or Naked tomorrow sign! Just tell me what I need to do! Thanks, Randi House