Merry Christmas Everyone!

From my home to yours here on this chilly Christmas morning.

I pray that you find the Lord's peace and safety in your travels as you go about your Christmas gathering.

I am looking forward to seeing the children's Sunday School Christmas Program at my church immediately following our morning services. And to seeing my girl's faces light up as they now can see and understand the excitement around the holiday!

What a joy to be a mother at this time of year!

This photo was taken out my front door yesterday morning. We have gotten about two feet of snow in the last few days, and it has been gorgeous to watch! Some of you know, the snow here in Michigan doesn't fall straight down, but slanted, and it looks like a snowglobe most of the time!

Actually, I did venture out on Tuesday, and had to be pushed out of the snow four different times! Guess that means I need snow tires for Christmas!

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Jeff and Nicki Westra said...

Or that you should have stayed at home :) J/K Luv you!!