Mom's 50!

Mom's 50!, originally uploaded by mytwobabes.

I know, I can't believe it either!

Last week was her birthday, but a few weeks before that, we all went to her place and with the help of my dad, and her co-workers were able to pull off an excellent surprize! Seriously, I think she may have peed her pants, because, she was absolutely shocked! It was a blast! We finally got to throw her the party, since she has been the one hosting all the parties all these years!
My Dad wrote this great story called, "Donna, This is your Life!" And all us girls, with the help of a few extra cousins got dressed up in blow-up bellies, and maternity clothes from the 80's, and paraded in front of the crowd. It was actually really fun to see us all preggo at the same time, and we had a blast getting ready! I seriously think I was that big before I had my twins! Ahhhh... the wonderful memories! Sara obviously enjoyed it too, cuz she kept that belly on for the rest of the night! :)
Well, Happy Birthday Mom! You deserved it, you are the Best Mom Ever!

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