MyTwoBabes Birthday... sort of...

Britney & Brooke - 2 years!, originally uploaded by mytwobabes.

Today is Britney & Brooke's 2nd Birthday! They are the inspiration behind "MyTwoBabes" and continue to inspire me to do great things, and live better for them!
Thank you God for letting me be their mother for one more year!
What a blessing it has been!

My Etsy bread and butter is the kids name labels, so I have to do a shout-out to them! It is really fun to know that there are kids all over the nation (and beyond!) that are loosing less things, and staying some-what germ free thanks to their new name labels!

In honor of this great occasion, I am offering a $1.00 refund to all those who mention this blog in their notes to seller from now until February 15th. That's right, just mention keyword "Birthday" in your notes to seller at checkout, and you will get $1.00 refunded to your PayPal purchase. Happy shopping! (

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