300 Hearts!

In Etsy World, hearts are the number of people who have marked you as a favorite shop of theirs to follow.

Today I hit 300 Hearts!!! ♥
This is soooooo exciting, and a great achievement. I am really thrilled that it came before my one year mark, and have now set a new goal to reach 600 hearts by next year!! Maybe this is expecting to much, but with almost 75 hits a day in my shop, I am hoping at least a couple of you decide to stay and look around!

Thank You to all of you who have 'hearted' me, and I plan to heart many of you as well in the coming year! I appreciate your kindness! ♥ ♥ ♥

Here is a screen shot from CraftCult.com - a souce for tracking your hearts on Etsy. I like that I can see who has a shop and visit it right away. I love to keep business between Etsy friends!

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