I can follow a Pattern!! ♥

On Saturday I thought I would get some sewing done. I bought a great pattern for this purse from Beki the Artsy Crafty Babe and thought I could get it finished in time for my birthday on Sunday. You know, as a birthday present to me (because you know my hubby didn't get anything! ♥♥).

The bag took four hours, and a lot of concentration, but was well worth it!
I finished the purse and am elated with how it turned out, this is the first time I followed an actual pattern... usually I just make one for myself. I might shrink the pattern down and make mini-purses for my girls; they have already expressed their love for anything girly!

Guess an independent gal can follow instructions every once in a while!

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Amy Barrett said...

LOVE THE BAG!!!! That is the cutest bag style I've seen in a long time! I love the fabrics you put together.