Paid, Packed, and ready to Ship!

I have been designing a lot for makers of soap lately. These cute labels were part of the Reed Diffusers, and Body Wash sets for Scoop Beauty, of Laguna Beach, California. This is her third order, and Theresa is great to work with, not to mention VERY UNDERSTANDING when things do not deliver as promised by the United Postal Service!

Thanks for the order, it was shipped this morning (overnight!).


Heidi said...

Those looks awesome! I'll be writing you tomorrow to decide on some new labels. I'm so addicted I want to dream up new things just so you can do more designing ;0)

Rae said...

Wow you are stealthy...I had to look around to find the reference to Field's on my site...(: It IS totally awesome, and it bites not to have such a great fabric store nearby. We have nothing. So I basically get all my fabric online. I'm originally from Holland so I suppose the West Michigan references pop up here and sister's in-laws live in Hudsonville as well as my hubby's grandparents (he's from Zeeland) so it's always fun to hear from someone from back home! It looks like you have a fab business going on here! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi!

Wendi Berens said...

WOW, those labels are sweet! With all these showers coming up with the wedding...those would really be great to have! Thanks so much for queing me in on your giveaway!