Happy Etsiversary!!

Last week marked one year since I opened my Etsy shop (March 8th, 2008). I was pleasantly surprised to have my most orders in one week to date! MyTwoBabes received orders for 34 different sets of labels!!
Thank You!
Now I have the wonderful task of preparing all of them with the cute packaging, and hand-written thank-you notes. It may take a while, but well worth the time!
This little hobby might just work out after all! ♥


Cristin said...

Congratulations! Both on your 1 yr Etsyversary and 34 sales in one week! Well done!

I had 2 sales in one day (yesterday) and thought that was amazing, for me :-)

Becky DeVries said...

hokey smokey!! thats awesome!! I don't know how you have the time plus two kids yikes! I'm guessing that you enjoy what you do:)

Heidi M. said...

Sweeeet! :)