I sold my car... *sigh*

I sold my car this weekend... *sigh*

I guess I am on to the next chapter in my life. You know I thought I was kinda a cool mom getting groceries in my hot-rod, but really, it's just a car, right?!!

I'm not quite sure what comes next. We are definately looking for a larger vehicle, maybe an SUV, the GMC Envoy looks nice.

Or maybe a van?!!! {gasp} ♥ I have heard so much good stuff from all my mommy friends that have vans, they just love theirs. Plus, you can get so much more stuff when you go shopping, right?!! definately a bonus... those slider doors are sweet too... hmmm...

You ladies have any thoughts on this? I'd love to hear the two sides of SUV vs. VAN.


Heidi M. said...

I can't believe you sold that car! We got a mountaineer (because eric refused to buy a minivan at the time) and we both regret it! With 3 kids we either have to have them all in a row or have to deal with flipping the seat down so one kid can go in the back seat. And it sits higher up then a minivan, so I even have trouble lifting Kins in her carseat up into it! Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you for having to sell your cool car! :}

While I absolutely love the sliding door feature of a van, plus being able to easily go from the passenger seat all the way to the back to smack your child...er, I mean, to get to the cooler, I feel that vans are totally uncool and I have refused to get one. LOL! No offense to those who own one.

The car that we got once we had our first child was a Subaru Outback Wagon...if it was butch enough for Martina Navratilova, it was good enough for me! We loved the way it handled and its AWD. We sold it after about 9 years and settled on a roomier, but still small, and therefore gas efficient, SUV - a Honda CR-V. I love it in many ways, but boy, we miss the way the Subaru handled (like a race car, really).

I think a lot of moms tend to go for minivans or a somewhat bigger SUV so they can hold more passengers, and extracurricular activity equipment (such as uniforms, balls, musical instruments). We thought about it, but it wasn't one of our top criteria, so we settled for 5 passenger vehicles that had good gas mileage (and has AWD or 4WD because we have a killer driveway).

Sorry to be so long-winded!

Croaker said...

OMG! no wait cry some more. I'd be crying if I had to sell that!

Rochelle said...

I think there are way more positives if you get a mini van: convenience, gas mileage, sliding doors, roomier, & not having to lift kids way up into an SUV. I know mini vans are deemed uncool....but there is a reason everybody has one...they are very practical!! I miss mine, although I do have to admit the SUV was nice in the snow this winter, but my mini van did really well too. I think you would think a mini van handled awesome in the snow after the car you drove :) And knowing Mark, he'll totally cringe at the gas bill if you end up with the SUV ..lol!

Cristin said...

We're going to be selling our convertible this spring too! We hope to start a family soon... and a two door convertible is just not do-able! We're going for an economical 4 door like a Camry or something... We already have a Blazer to pull our ski boat :-) We vow NEVER to buy a minivan! Its too... "parent-ish" for us. But only time will tell, really.

Congrats on starting a new chapter in your life! Just think, in 20 years you can buy another fun vehicle - and your kids will be *fingers crossed* out of the house.

Vannessa Gabbett said...

A van and an SUV serve different functions. If you want to go on a nice road-trip or a simple mall-hopping with your family, you can go for an SUV. Meanwhile, if you want something to carry cargo, like boxes and other stuff, then van is the right one for you. I'm sure you'll find a better car for you.