Business Promotion -- Key Fobs

Summer just picked up these key fobs today. I just love how they turned out, with the black & white polka dots, they are both trendy and classic. She requested to have each one with a label that has her company name { Summer Jean Photography } on it. I believe she intends to give them to her most special customers. What a treat!

I used black cotton webbing in the 1.25" size with a 1" pre-printed polka-dot ribbon. The labels were printed by JennifersJewels, she prints the fabric labels I use on my personal sewing projects as well. I order the iron-on ones since they are easier to position before sewing them on. I have been very happy with the way the "wear-n-tear," though I have don't have quite as much washing to do on most of my sewing projects as others may.

Overall, I think it was a great idea for a business promotional item, what a great conversation piece!

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Missy and Kaden said...

They are great! I personally have on and love it!