Etsy :: Geolocator Friends

I just discovered the Etsy Geolocator and was pleasantly surprised!
When I typed in "Hudsonville" as the city search, what popped up, but myself and THREE of my friends on the locator bar! How fun is that?!

Going across the top...
The "Gift" : {Becky DeVries}
Color Me Cute : {Heidi Mowery}
Pink Sippy Cups : {myself}
Cutie Baby Girl : {Kim Kuiper}

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Kim Kuiper said...

I use Geolocator all the time ... I don't know why it's so fun! If I'm at someones shop and I don't know where it is...Geolocator time...I've also searched places I've been on vacation (Nova Scotia is a good one). I've been searching etsy now for 4 hours (I'm "working" today), mostly for fabric. I'm going to sew during Spring Break ... CANT WAIT!!!