Graduate Laptop Bag for Katelyn

I know... I have been absent from Blogger-world for way too long! To be honest, the pregnancy has finally sunk-in, and I have started working more in the morning vs. at night, so that decision has cut back on computer time substantially. I thought I would miss it more, but really, this is ideal! More time for my hubby and kids!

This bag was quite a feat to accomplish. I didn't have a pattern, but was requested to make a custom laptop bag for a friend's sister who was graduating in Iowa. I wanted to make sure it had my personalized stamp on it, so I added the flower to the front for a bit of fun flair. Other than that, the only details required were to make it blue and purple (her favorite colors) and big enough for a laptop computer for college. Her name is Katelyn, so the 'K' was embroidered on the front, along with a panel on the inside with her name and phone numbers in case it was lost or stolen. On the inside I also added a three panel pocket and a cute butterfly fabric I bought online.

Hope you liked it Katelyn, I loved college and hope you do too!


Becky DeVries said...

It looks really good, and yes welcome back !!! But isn't it nice to just take a step back and enjoy life? That is what summer if for!

Sandra said...

it's very nice !

Katelyn Westra said...

hey, thanks so much! I totally love it!! Very nice work!