Baby Blankets ♥ Are you having a boy?

PA284416 I just happen to have two (or maybe three, Ruth?) of my best friends having boys in a few months… this is good since I made two girl blankets and two boy blankets for my own baby, and just happened to have a girl!  Hope they love their gifts!

PA284420 I had a few requests to see the complete picture of the blanket I show in the picture of Olivia posted earlier.  I made one with browns, oranges & pinks; the other in green, pink, and white.  They are small blankets made for putting over the carseat when you are out and about.  Approximate size is 20”x24”, they all have lime green plush fabric on the reverse side.

PA284424 I really wanted to quilt them, but found out my machine is too old to do the free-style quilting I love, and I just didn’t want to quilt it with lines or a spiral-square quilting that my machine will allow.

The plush boy design is in slate/light blue dots, coordinating fabric with little turtles on it; the other in a brighter color palette of dark turquoise, lime green, and yellow… the one shown above is actually backed in white flannel and I knotted it intermittently for the quilted effect.


Ruth said...

you didn't sell your boy blankets at your sale??
I'll just have to keep you in suspense a few more months- haha, it's kinda fun to keep ppl guessing :)

Rochelle said...

I love your blankets, so cute!!!

Cristin said...

Why YES I am having a boy in March!
hehe :-) Those are GREAT blankets!
I've finished one crochet blankie and one quilt... both stroller sized.
I think I'll have an abundance of swaddle/receiving blankets... so I wanted some travel size for when baby and I are out and about.
I do plan on making a Crib Quit which will be bigger... maybe 45"x50" or so? I'm not sure yet.
It'll be a main piece in the nursery, I think.

jaya said...

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Baby Blankets