Daycare Labels – change in design – vote…

daycare set The waterproof labels I offer in my shop as the ‘Daycare Set’ have 14 large 1.5” circle labels & 30 small one-name rectangle labels.

I am thinking of changing the layout of the circle labels.  Right now the name is ‘arched’ across the top since that is how they were requested for a custom design way-back-when… I am not sure if there is a good reason for this or not?  Maybe you all can give me some insight?

m2b circle new design I would like to make them look like this design, since it makes more sense to me to have it read in a straight line. 

Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear other suggestions for design changes as well, you can leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for your input!


Heidi said...

I like your new idea to have it centered in the circle-that would give them the option to add the child's full name? Just a thought.

Becky DeVries said...

the only reason to have the name arched is to add writing to the label although I don't know why you would need to. I really like the new labels.