Custom Name Fabric! So fun… let the project ideas start stewing!!!

P4245788 Here are the new pillows/fabric I am now selling!

A couple ex-co-workers of mine started their own graphics shop (here) a while ago and now have a machine that will print on fabric! I have to stabilize the material myself, but if I get it all ready to go, the pricing is the same as printing on vinyl material.

As you can see this opens so many doors for me! I can only imagine all the fun projects we can now work on. I need you to help me though… if you have any suggestions for different things to print, or if you would like a custom print yourself; please leave a comment below to let me know! I’d love to try more ideas!

P5216077 Note: Pastel colors work best, and the fabric is fully washable, but it tends to fade a tiny bit… so be very careful and don’t throw in the dryer; you should line-dry or air-dry only. CORRECTION: I have since changed fabrics & now can print brighter colors as well!

These pillows are available to purchase fully stuffed in 12x12” size for $20 each… custom name and colors… OR… you can buy the fabric swatch in custom name and colors as follows: 12x12” square for $12 each… or 12x18” rectangle for $20 each.

I can’t wait to see what projects you have in mind!

TO ORDER: You can email me directly at, or visit to choose your color combo. Standard back is


Heather said...

So cute Krisitin! These will be on FFF for sure! xoxo, Heather

*super dude* said...

I'd love to see (and order) one in the same design as shown but with the child's name, date of birth, time of birth, weight and length.

Can you add some ordering information?

Thanks! :)

Kristin said...

Hey Kellie! I love that idea, I can get one going for you if you like... can you send me your email address so I can get some designs to you with your info? Thanks! Kristin

Christina said...

are you still selling these?