Thanks, Amy!

Last week I recieved the cutest sippy cups you have ever seen! It is so fun getting packages in the mail from all my new Etsy friends!
I just love them, and my girls think using a straw is the coolest thing, perfect timing for my little two year olds! If they are happy, I am a happy momma!! ♥
Amy over at Angel Accents did a wonderful job on the embroidery, and they are actually on laminated fabric, so I don't have to worry about the material in case they may get wet, either way they are fully enclosed in the casing so it shouldn't be a problem.
She even sent the black/white/pink versions at no extra charge! I am very excited with how they are coordinating but not matching exactly, that is what I try to do with the girls outfits everyday as well, so it is perfect!
Kudos to you Amy!!!

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Amy Barrett said...

I can't believe I missed this. You are truly the SWEETEST thing! Thank you for the blog post. It made my day!