Custom Folding-Tablecloth - So cute!

I LOVE custom items. It's just, I happen to make them usually when I cannot find them for myself. Well, I knew Heidi could help me with this project, so I sent her a photo, a link, and a note...
Voila! Isn't this the cutest stinkin' table cloth you have ever seen?!!

I just love the demask print, and of course green is my favorite color. ♥ Can't go wrong with that!

It fits my 34" folding table perfectly, nice and snug, just like I was hoping.

Great job ~ Thanks so much Heidi!

{P.S. I'm sure she'll make more... you can check it out in her shop, HERE}

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Heidi said...

Thanks, Krisin! I already had another customer order one. :)
Sooo glad you like it!