Potty Training... 11 panties in one day!

Hello Friends!

So I am trying to potty-train my girls this week... the key word there is 'trying!' I am not sure the best way to go about it, after all, it is the first time for all of us... but I am working on it! Today is day 2. Yesterday we went through ELEVEN panties! ahhh!! Thus far today, we are at 2, but it has only been two hours of training... naps don't count, right? Brooke has been doing great, with #1 & #2, but Brit has been stubborn, she has to sit for about 20 min before the action... I think this comes from the Bleyenberg side!
Does anyone have any tips or tricks? I think this is going to be a long week, I'm exhausted already!

As for the shop... I was inspired by Nicki and decided to finally make that placemat purse she was telling me about...

I think it turned out okay... What do you think?

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Jeff and Nicki Westra said...

I LOVE the purse. I think you should make more. Many, many, many more! As for potting training, scrap it. After watching you with the girls I think you should TRY to keep your sainity, that would not involve potty training (at least for me). They are active and busy enough without trying to potty train too. However, I am not one to give advice on this topic since my 2 year old is not potty trained and won't be any time in the near future!