Salsa with the Sisters!

I had a great time today making salsa with my sisters & mom! It is always hectic with 13 babies around all 4 and under, but fun none the less! I wish I had had my camera along... these are the days you look back on with fond memories!
The older kids were playing bumper cars on the driveway... no, not with matchbox cars... these were the big ones they actually drive. There were four vehicles; two Jeeps, an ATV, and of course a hot pink, Barbie Corvette. It was just a stitch watching them tour around!
Grandma did a great job of corraling them, and keeping them busy. Of course, the salsa turned out great too, with all the moms busy working in the kitchen. We only had a few 'burns' from the jalepeno's, but for the most part things went really well!
How many jars did we get girls? I am not sure, but it was a LOT!
Hope you all have a great holiday w/end! Enjoy the great Michigan weather!

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