Sweets for the Sweet!

Sweets for the Sweet!, originally uploaded by mytwobabes.

I am such a proud Momma!
My girls were in Sunday's GR Press! We went to the Hudsonville Holiday Parade down 32nd Street on Saturday. The caption says - Sweets for the Sweet - How cute!
The girls loved picking up the candy, and running in the street. At first Brooke was wagging her finger, saying 'Binny! Na-No!', but eventually got the clue that it was okay this time! As you can see, it was super cold, I think 26 degrees or so - welcome to Michigan winter time!
(I was unsuccessful finding an online article, if anyone can find it, I'd love a link!)

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Jeff and Nicki Westra said...

They're on their way to being famous Kris...The paper loves them; tulip time and Thanksgiving....what are they going to do for Christmas? Very Cute!!!