Twins in the Family?

A lot of people ask me if twins run in the family... well, this is an easy question to answer, since there are four sets of twins in two generations of our families. My brother and his wife have five year old twins, and Mark has twin sisters, along with the pictured boys here, of Mark's brother Rodney. Then there are my girls, the youngest set. It was really fun to get together with Rod and Heather, and their boys, since they have never met eachother. The last time I was there with Mark was when I was pregnant with our girls. At one point we told them to kiss while sitting there in these cute little recliners, but they just looked at eachother, and would have no part of it! It was really neat to see them all play together!
We had a great time in Minnesota, but were so happy to be home! The weather was too bad to go shopping in Sioux Falls, and we found out that we could get in big trouble if I was caught hunting without a license, so I didn't do that either. Mark shot a good eight-point buck, so we have a lot of venison in the freezer again... Nicki, wanna come over? :)
The girls did really well on the trip out there and back, since it took 14 hours to get there, and 15 to get back, we were so glad to have happy girls! They read books, played with their babies, and just watched out the window... in between snacks that is!


Jeff and Nicki Westra said...

I have to say, you cook the venison I have ever had. I can taste it, but it doesn't make me want to throw up!!!! I'm glad to hear the girls did well; it can make for a long trip when they are crying!!

Jeff and Nicki Westra said...

I 'tried' to say the BEST venison...sorry

Amy Barrett said...

This picture is hilarious! How fun and confusing was it for everyone else to be around you guys that trip? haha!