A little out of hand... Clothes for my kids

Okay, I know all this sewing is getting a little out of hand, BUT… my girls really needed some fleece pants for running around the house! Actually, they have more clothes than you can shake a stick at, but there was just this one item they didn’t have, and their wardrobe just wasn’t complete without it!

Of course I had to make my own pattern for them since I didn’t care to waste the gas driving to Field’s Fabrics to get one. Besides, I knew I wouldn’t be happy with any of the designs I found anyway. I have been wanting to try a ruffle on the bottom for a while, and fleece is just the fabric to work with… it is very forgiving! Just my style!

I kinda made a pattern by tracing a pair of their sweatpants that I really liked the fit. I then transfered the pattern to the fleece and cut out four pieces. Sewed a little, added the ruffle on the bottom, sewed a little more, added the ribbon, sewed the waistband on, and added the elastic to keep them from falling off. They turned out a little long for the girls, but I think they’ll fit through next winter as a size 2T-3T. Perfect!

Oh... and the cute kids? They came from me! ♥


Amy Barrett said...

LOVE THEM! That ribbon and ruffle sets them off! Too cute.

Dykstra Bunch said...

Too cute!!!! Love them!!! Let me know if you are going to make any more!! I would love a pair for my Elise.

Dykstra Bunch said...

By the way, I love the sippy cups too!!!