Spoonflower :: What a great concept!

I discovered Spoonflower a couple months ago and think it is such a great concept. You can design your own fabric graphic, they in-turn print your image on Moda cotton fabric in a full color print. It looks & feels like fine cotton fabric you can get at your local Field's Fabrics!

I had a few prints made, but the top fabric is definately my favorite. Technically the background was designed as a pale sky blue, but was actually printed as white, the brown tones should have been darker as well. So it is not exactly as designed, but that can be tweaked later I suppose.

I made this little key fob with the fabric, and really like how the flowers fit perfectly on the 1.25" cotton webbing. I might give it to my mom, it kinda reminds me of her.
Do you have suggestions for other designs? I'd love to make some custom fabric designs just for you! Hmmm... maybe this is leading to a future giveaway? ♥


Becky DeVries said...

Love the idea, I looked at the site, the cheapest I have ever seen custom fabric is $30 /yard, so this is doable. I would love to do it someday if I had a really good idea of what to make with it. P.S. Made my second pattern thing yesterday. The matching coat that goes with the dress. It is silver and I decided to forego the buttons becuase that just seemed like too much work and I think I will just get some satin ribbon.:) Even john said it was cute, thats quite an accomplishment!

Amy Barrett said...

AWESOME!!!! You find the neatest stuff!