Shir-madness! {the dreaded dress}

I have been doing a little bit of sewing again, this is just one of my most recent projects. I was inspired one day when I was surfing around in blog-world to try shirring. I decided to follow the tutorial found on the Portabellopixie blog by Sandi Henderson (a wonderful fabric designer!) It was much easier than I expected, and I will definitely do it again!

The dress itself however was not quite as simple ~ for that I used the tutorial found on PrettyDitty by Phat Fabric. Her dresses turned out so cute, so I thought "oh, how easy!" and dove-in. Not quite so easy... I did the dress just as explained with the front and back pieces, lined them up and sewed them together... SINCE I am just over 6 mos. pregnant, the front was way shorter than the back! I had to go to my dear friend Ruth for much needed assistance; she aided me in finishing it off so the two parts lined up correctly (after MANY adjustments!) I have another pic here... as if you are still desiring more views. ♥

Lets just say that I will NOT be making myself any more clothing any time soon, and may just stick to clothes for my kidd0s and other fun projects. This turned out not to be so fun...

I am happy with the final result though, and really contribute a lot of the cuteness of the finished project to the adorable print created by Amy Butler.

At least I know how to choose fabric! ♥


Rochelle said...

The dress is very cute!!!!! Too bad it was so hard to make... So I guess I can't ask you to make me a dress LOL!!!

Becky DeVries said...

love your new blog background, I suppose you made it yourself again! Looks great and loads really fast