Baby Birdie Burpee

After getting the personalized 'baby itch' with all these burpees I have been doing, I decided to try a little applique' on the next set. There was a request for an order of burpees for Baby Olivia and I thought, instead of paying a friend to do the embroidery, why not try to do an applique' instead? That way I can do all of the work here from home, and get them to the customer as soon as they are ready!

I think they turned out pretty cute. I will have to figure out how to work the curvy letters. Since my machine only has a straight walking foot I had to go really slow around the 'o' and the 'a' at the end. I used 'Steam-A-Seam2' to make the iron-on letters, and my home computer printer for the font to trace. I love having 200 fonts to choose from! The purple burpee was in a pack of colored Gerber cloths, and the flannel was picked up from Field's Fabrics - I love the little birdie print! (more pictures HERE)

It was a little time consuming, so I may have to charge a wee bit more, but overall I was very happy with the result, I am pretty sure Olivia's momma will be too!

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