Ask and ye shall receive…

P1145112 I was talking to my mother last week about her job.  She is the head chef in the kitchen at the local rescue mission. 

She was busy complaining about how boring her uniform was and that it would be so much fun to be able to dress up a bit for work like she used to.  I think her goal was to add a little color to spice things up!

So we got on the topic of the ‘cute’ hair net she wears each day.  This is the one that my girls said ‘Grandma looks silly’ when they saw her wearing it the first time.  Truthfully?  They’re right… it’s not so cute!  (Sorry, Mom!)

One of my sisters suggested a chef’s hat, so we jumped on Etsy and started browsing.  Most of what we could find was for kids, or the scalp type hat used by doctors in surgery. 

I immediately started thinking about how to best make a hat for her… that week, I picked the fabric and had the hat ready for her by our Friday night Christmas party.

P1155168I cut the brim with a 3” rise, put a velcro adjustable closure on the back, and used a piece of Creative Memories scrap cardboard to create a circle template for the ‘poof’ on the top.  It really was a pretty easy hat to make… who needs a pattern anyway?!!

She loved it and modeled it for us right away!  Glad you’re happy Mom, hope this helps to spice up your days!

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