My new favorite blog…

Seriously… who dresses their kids like this?!!   I love it and wish I dared to do this myself!  So so cute, and definitely inspiring!

This self proclaimed “crazy girl” and I just may have a lot in common – here is my quote of the day from her:

Why I continually think that I can conquer patterns is beyond me.

This one nearly sent me over the edge.

Tears and words were involved.

About halfway done I simply ignored the directions, folded it up and finished it the way that made sense to me.

Crazy, pattern hating, me.

My mom rescued me and made the button holes.  I am still to scared to attempt those.  They are on my list of goals for 2010 along with zippers.

I may never attempt the same pattern again, but I am pretty stinking happy.  Believe you me, that dress will get so much wear.  As soon as Halley grows out of it, it will be Lucy's.  Then Janey's.  Then I may just have to have another girl.  Or two.

Love this!  I need to learn button holes and zippers and all the 'correct’ ways of doing things too! 

Anyone know of a great inspiring teacher?

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Cristin said...

Isn't Joy's blog awesome?! Her one post regarding "Freecycle" was hilarious, I was crying at my desk at work it was so funny.... she rocks! And inspires me to sew my own kids clothing... and make sure its FUN! :-) hehe