A shoe lover making shoes… this could get out of hand…

{note: this was written a while ago, and I just realized it was never posted! better late than never right?!}

I recently learned how to make baby shoes… this is crazy cool to me since I am a slight bit obsessive about my girls and having just the right shoes! 

PC295019My little Olivia has tiny feet yet, and nothing will fit.  Even the little 0-3 size at the store is over an inch too big!  Sooo… I decided, when you can’t find something you “NEED;” why not make it?!!  (this is a very typical solution to many of my problems…)

PC295015 The first pair was really really tiny (<2” sole), and only barely slipped on her feet.  Thankfully Miss Melanie (born on Halloween) has just hit the 4 lb. mark and they were gifted on to her.  The second pair was just right, and I am so very happy with them!

I originally found a tutorial online here, and it was very easy to follow.  I have since adjusted a few things to make it different than the original and found them easier to make.

Try it yourself – you may just be surprised to find out you can make shoes too!


Rochelle said...

Do you think you could make me a pair of boy shoes?? I would love some for Gavin. Let me know!!

Kristin said...

I'd love to Rochelle! I have a pair here in a brown/beige color, but can make them in any fabric... what are you looking for?

Rochelle said...

Brown/Beige would probably be good. Something that matches a bunch.