Boys, Boys, Boys…

Seems like there are a lot of boys being born lately!  This is good for me since I have all girls, we are are just getting ‘more selection’ for later, right?!!!   Someday I pray they find a good spouse with a solid Christian background, isn’t that every mother’s wish?

P6136357 This is a gift for Baby Reid… He is so tiny, and such a doll!  Dawn told me right when she first got pregnant, that if she had another boy she would love a pair of brown soft sole shoes for her little one.  Well she had her fourth boy a couple weeks ago, and I had to follow through on my promise!

I just love how they turned out, I put light blue dot inside, so I got my polka dot fix for the day too! (all these dots are beginning to be obsessive!!)  ♥

I included a boy color flannel raggedy bib & flannel receiving blanket (bought from Target) along with a set of baby name labels custom printed in blue/brown to match the rest of his set.

Enjoy all your boys Dawn!  Lilly is such a good helper, she’ll love bossing all of them around now, they’ll be bigger than her someday! ♥

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