Facebook INSIGHTS page {♥}

image What a neat page!  With this page I can view and track the demographics on my Facebook fans. 

I love the section on the right where it says I have to market to 100% female, and mostly in the 25-34 age group… exactly what I was shooting for!  :) 

Thanks everyone for being great fans; I’m hoping to bring you more new products soon!! 

Pics coming later this week… {I’ll keep you in suspense! ♥}


Becky DeVries said...

how do you get to that - I have an add running right now It would probably be a good idea to recheck my target group - Thanks!

Kristin said...

I get a weekly fan page update from facebook - it is in the links below your stats. I am not sure how to get to it if you don't get the email... hope this works for you! I would think your target group would be similar to mine?!! :)

Kristin said...

Also... where is your ad? did you do it on FB? I've been thinking about trying that!

Becky DeVries said...

I do have a FB ad - I was able to get $60 of advertising for about $8 with a coupon I found online - you can only use it within 15 days of starting a new ad. I have been getting new fans but only have about $19 left on the account and it gets pretty expensive if you just pay - I have mine set at $2 per day and it maxes out there everyday. I am going to have to try to find something else or stop it:( I do get the email so I will have to look for it there. http://www.adscoupons.com/ here is the site - they are sold out of the lower ones - I probably would have bought a higher one if I had know it worked but I was just a little bit leary to start! http://spirit-of-giving.blogspot.com/2010/06/facebook-ad.html here is the screen shot of my ad.