A new item?

These cute banners were designed for my girls on the occation of their 2nd birthday party. I did, however, forget to put them up at the party {hello!} so they didn't get much use, but I have been thinking about putting the pdf template for them in my shop for a while now.
I have each letter set-up as a .pdf page and would be emailing the purchasing customer one page (in a combined Adobe PDF document) for each letter of the name they order.

The print is done with a color printer on standard white cardstock paper, with all the colors printed right on. I used my sewing machine to sew the ribbon on to the top, but brads could be used to connect the corners, or whatever the loving mother would prefer.

Currently they are set-up only in girl colors with green/pink/light pink and white. But I can easily change the pinks to blues to make a boy version.

What do you think, would you buy it for $1 a letter?


Becky DeVries said...

$1 per item is really reasonable I think. I think they would look cute over a bed or dresser. You could even decoupage them onto a thin plywood or something?? to make them more permanant.

Anonymous said...

I, too, think $1/letter is a very reasonable price!

Amy Barrett said...

Very reasonable and I need one! Do you print them or do I? I need it to say Ella - these colors are perfect! Her birthday is May 2. Is that too soon?

Amy Barrett said...

Change my mind - i want it to say Ella Ruth with a blank one in between.