Baby Girl - Personalized Burpees

A custom order!

Thanks to this blog post, I recieved a custom order for personalized burpees for soon-to-be-born Baby Alexandra! I think these turned out cuter than the first set, and I love the flannel fabric I found for a steal at Target... though I did feel a bit guilty buying a pack of perfectly good recieving blankets and cutting them up!

So I did decide to sell these by custom request - though it may be a while before they show up in my Etsy shop. I have some key fobs in the works as well, and may just add them all this Fall, just in time for the Christmas season sales.

If you would like a set for your little one, it is $15.00 for two (+ shipping), with various backing flannels. I also have two more girl options, and boy design fabrics which you can see HERE on Flickr.

Enjoy Jenny! Thanks so much for the order!

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jenny warner said...

i love them, they are soooo cute!!