Welcome Baby Olivia Joy! ♥♥♥

I am now a mother of THREE!

PB114590 We welcomed sweet Olivia Joy last week Sunday afternoon.  I have to say that both labor and delivery went great… definitely better than expected… and quick too!  I was actually in labor for only 4 hours or so, and pushed for only 15 minutes.  This was very similar to what happened with my girls at their birth, but I didn’t have to keep pushing this time for the second baby… Yay!  I got to hold her right away too, which I didn’t get to do with the girls.  I was thrilled and shocked at how warm and sweet she was! 

100_1124 Here is one of my favorite pictures from the birth… she looks chubby here, but was only 6 lbs. 5 oz.  She has since changed in her looks quite a bit and her face has slimmed down.  She has kept the darker skin though, and I am hoping she will tan nice like her daddy! 

We all love her to bits already, and the girls cannot help but ‘over-love’ her most of the time, and I have to keep reminding them to “be careful with Baby Livie”, I think they are finally getting the clue!  So fun to have three wonderful girls…

I am so Blessed!

{ oh yeah… remember THIS?  I am now Olivia’s mommy, and yep, love the burpees!  ♥ It was my little clue to you for the name, though we didn’t know we would be having a girl! }


Becky DeVries said...

are you serious those burp clothes were for you!!! I never would have guessed! She sure is a cutie, I love that blanket that she has on in the picture, did you make that too?

Cristin said...

Congrats Kristin! I have 2 sisters so my mom had 3 girls :-) I'm having a boy in March... kinda wanted a girl but now I think a boy will be fun too :-)
LOVE the burpies and that cutie pie blanket! Any full pics of that?
Olivia is precious ~ such a sweetie!